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Treatments for

Complex, Pandemic-Related,

Chronic and Acute Health Issues

Many Canadians find themselves less healthy now than they were before the pandemic.  Often these change have become chronic, complex and showing a multitude of symptoms, and people don’t know where to look for help. Many health professionals are calling these new health challenges one of the most complex challenges they have ever had to treat.  

CC TeleHealth recognizes these new health issues are very complex to address. That is why our  focus on addressing these pandemic related issues includes working with other teams who are constantly researching to understand this damage and find better solutions.

We welcome you to schedule a consultation to discuss your health symptoms and explore whether elements from the pandemic could be causing your new health issues. Many of the new presenting symptoms are listed below:

Common Pandemic-Triggered Acute & Chronic Health Issues

Chronic Exhaustion/ Sleep Challenges
Mental Health 
Gut Microbiome/ 
Intestinal Issues
AutoImmune Disorders /
Vulnerability to Infections

CardioVascular/ Circulatory Issues 

OTHER SYMPTOMS: “Pandemic-triggered chronic health Issues” often manifests with multiple concurrent symptoms. (over 200 recognized symptoms have surfaced from the pandemic). Other common symptoms include: unexplainable pain, headaches, chronic inflammation, brain fog, reproductive issues, gynaecological issues, reactivation of latent viruses, sleep disorders, arrhythmia, skin disorders, shingles, lowered immune protection, POTS, and/or feeling chronically unwell and just don’t know where to go.

Treatment Registration Info

 A consultation is preceded by a form describing your health history. Then up to 45 minute will be spent understanding your health challenges with a discussion focusing on possible causes, and treatment options. Informed consent is foundational to treatment services. 

All services are user fee based.

CC TeleHealth was established to provide COVID-19 Treatment for Canadians. If you familiar with your symptoms and wish to pick your own treatment then click below to choose your own COVID-19 treatment

The Treatment Registration Process

 CC TeleHealth offers to its members treatment options that have proven effective in many situations. To see what we can do for you, we offer the following steps to address your pandemic-triggered health concerns: 

– Register as a member (no charge for membership)

– Identify your symptoms through the provided survey

– Consult with a Health-Care Professional to understand your symptoms and develop your personalized treatment plan.