Addressing Under-Supported Pandemic Health Issues in Canada

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How We Provide Quality Treatment for Emerging Health Challenges

The recent global health crisis has demonstrated the need for fast-paced, continuous learning of health care services as they pertain to pandemic related health issues. The mainstream strategy of “waiting until multi-year research projects enable the health authorities to tell doctors what to do” is far too slow and ineffective in the fight against COVID-19. In order to combat this pandemic, what we have helped develop is a world-wide network of health care professionals and researchers who can quickly seek out, harvest, and share their expertise, experience and knowledge gained over the last few years.

CC TeleHealth is a member-based service which provides pandemic-related healthcare to the Canadian public.

CC TeleHealth is NOT a primary healthcare provider, and its services are intended to be complementary to, and not replace, those provided by your general practitioner. Further, CC TeleHealth only provides services that are not covered by provincial health care plans, and charges a fee for its services. You should always first contact your primary health care provider for all “government-insured” health care services.