CC TeleHealth

Holistic Nutritional Services

Initial Holistic Nutrition Consultation

*NOTE:  For follow up appointments, please email or call  (647) 722-5292.


  1. Click on the service you would like.
  2. Complete the Intake Form.
  3. Pay your $100 deposit fee.
  4. CC TeleHealth will contact you next, by your preferred method of communication to book your appointment.
  5. Write down your appointment date and time.
  6. Missed appointments will result in a charge to your credit card as per CC TeleHealth’s Cancellation Policy.
  7. Be available at the time of your appointment.  Your Health Care Practitioner will call you at the scheduled appointment time.

CC TeleHealth is NOT a primary healthcare provider, and its services are intended to be complementary to, and not replace, those provided by your general practitioner. Further, CC TeleHealth only provides services that are COVID-19 and Post COVID-19 oriented, that are not covered by provincial health care plans, and charges a fee for its services. You should always first contact your primary health care provider for all “government-insured” health care services.