Mixing Compassionate-Caring with Fee-Driven Services

CC TeleHealth is a compassion-based, for-profit organization. “For profit” is rarely associated with compassion. However at CC TeleHealth we believe compassion is what drives us, and profit is what enables us to provide compassion. Many of our key positions are staffed by partners who provide services at great personal sacrifice. You will find that the staff at CC TeleHealth are courageous, compassionate, and caring.

Fees for Services

The services offered at CC TeleHealth have fees associated with them in order for our members to have as clear an idea as possible of costs at the outset of services.  Fees enable us to provide care for volumes of members and to ensure that they have practitioners available to provide the service.


Why Our Services Are Fee Based

CC TeleHealth exists to bring health care services to health challenges not being effectively addressed by main-stream health care systems. In order to to be effective, it is critical that we have a team of courageous, caring and compassionate Health Care Practitioners, who devote their time to providing services through CC TeleHealth. To minimize costs to members, CC TeleHealth mainly utilize volunteers on our research teams. (See Treatment Philosophy for research details.) We believe the most effective and stable way to do this is to provide our Health Care Practitioners with respectable income for their services. At times the fees paid to our HCPs is greater than what we charge members. Generally we charge enough to cover our costs and provide the capacity to grow so we can service more people.

Mixing Compassionate-Caring with Fees

Charging fees for our services enables us to expand more quickly to meet Canadian health needs. CC TeleHealth understands that not all members can afford the services being offered. Our Pay It Forward Fund allows us to assist those who cannot afford our services. This fund is funded from CC TeleHealth profits, as well as supporters who wish to help. CC TeleHealth welcomes and encourages donations towards helping those who are less fortunate.