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If you have COVID-19 and you are experiencing any of the following:

  • an oxygen saturation level less than 90% and/or;
  • new shortness of breath or;
  • difficulty breathing and/or;
  • new chest pains and/or;
  • dehydration;

please call 911 and proceed to the emergency room. CCTH is unable to provide you service until you have been personally assessed by an emergency physician.

PO Box 571 Moncton
NB E1C 8L9
Phone: (647) 722-5292

CC TeleHealth is NOT a primary healthcare provider, and its services are intended to be complementary to, and not replace, those provided by your general practitioner. Further, CC TeleHealth only provides services that are COVID-19 and Post COVID-19 oriented, that are not covered by provincial health care plans, and charges a fee for its services. You should always first contact your primary health care provider for all “government-insured” health care services.