COVID-19 Home Care

CC TeleHealth (CCTH) provides TeleHealth-based COVID treatment, prevention prescriptions, and medical advice across Canada. We believe that prevention and early treatment are key to overcoming the pandemic. Prevention and early treatment awareness minimizes fear of COVID-19. Living in fear harms our health and reduces the body’s ability to fight disease. The first point of prevention is understanding there is no need to be afraid.

Early Treatment of COVID-19

If you are looking for early treatment for Covid, this information page offers a comprehensive look at health guidelines and practices that can be used for COVID-19 early treatment. These health guidelines will assist you to stay safe by knowing what to do to minimize the risk of hospitalization and death. This information is being provided for educational purposes only. It is not to be considered as medical advice.

COVID-19 is a disease that has several phases to it. COVID-19 health challenges change with individuals facing infection as they pass through the phases of the disease. While the following information is helpful, proper care requires the guidance from a Health Care Professional who has experience treating COVID-19.

In each phase, early treatment for the phase needs to be guided by a health practitioner who knows how to address issues before they become difficult to manage. This is the safest strategy for the treatment of COVID-19, as it tends to reduce the impact of or stop the more deadly phases from harming you.

CCTH uses over 20 medication options that will be used in different combinations for the treatment of COVID-19 in its various phases. While there are single drugs that make a big difference, effective treatment often requires a cocktail of drugs that change as the phases progress.

We strongly recommend using the services of a health practitioner to acquire on-hand prescriptions so that you are ready to treat within 72 hours of the onset of symptoms.

This means having prescription and/or non-prescription treatments ready to go at first sign of infection; being prepared by keeping your immune system strong; and having access to additional guidance of a health practitioner should symptoms change for the worse.

Early Treatment Articles and Videos

Articles showing the incredible power of early treatment for preventing infection, hospitalization, and death: 

Early treatment has been proven to reduce the risk of harm from COVID-19.  CCTH’s prevention support includes prescriptions for being ready to start treatment as soon as symptoms begin. This ensures that you have the best chance of preventing harm through early use of treatment medications. Once COVID-19 infection begins, even if you have prevention drugs on hand, you may need medical support for further treatment guidance. To sign-up for our treatment options click HERE.


Home Treatment with Vitamins, Non-Pharmaceuticals and Home Practice

Gargling and Nose Disinfecting – A Big Difference Maker

This is one of the most effective things you can do to reduce risk and fight infection. It is simple, cheap, and easily available to everyone. This should be utilized when returning home from a crowd or other exposures that could lead to infection (take 3 times a day for 1 – 2 days). ( and used with more intensity (3 – 6 times per day) when first signs of infection occur. 

Additional Treatments Where No Prescription is Needed

Self-Care While Sick at Home – Practical Activities/Advice for Improving Health

  • For mild dehydration: Increase fluid intake with clear unsweetened beverages and rehydration liquids (e.g. Pedialyte ® or Gastrolyte ®) Minimum of 8 cups or 2 Litres per day;
  • For respiratory infection: Do deep breathing and coughing exercises. Repeat every 1-2 hrs as tolerated. Lung percussion routines are another way to keep your lungs healthy;
  • For best expansion of lungs while sleeping: Lie in prone position (on your stomach) when sleeping, if possible. If not, the next best sleeping position is on your side;
  • To maintain blood circulation: If you are able, get up and walk a short distance every 1 – 2 hrs while awake as tolerated. If “bedridden”: “pump” arms and legs/knee bends, ankle circles every 1 – 2 hrs as tolerated. In bed exercises VIDEO;
  • If you have questions about your prescription: call the prescribing pharmacy – ask to speak to the pharmacist;
  • Review Medications and Nutraceuticals guidelines as per the FLCCC  I-MASK Protocols (Listed above).