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Canadian COVID TeleHealth

Canadian COVID TeleHealth (CCTH) provides TeleHealth based COVID treatment and prevention prescriptions and medical advice across Canada. We believe that early treatment is key to overcoming the pandemic

Research Based

Our methods are based on extensive research from known research organizations including World Council for Health (a group of over 100 health research organizations) Canadian Covid Care Alliance (CCCA), Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), and Dr. Peter McCullough etc. 

Our associations give us the ability to draw on over 500 scientists to do research and make sure our approach is based on scientific evidence. Our team collaborates on challenging cases to ensure the best treatment approach for specific health challenges. By joining CCTH we believe you are getting exceptional COVID prevention and treatment.

We Do Not Service Medical Emergencies

Some medical conditions require a face-to-face consultation with a medical practitioner. We do not treat emergency conditions

If you are facing any of the following:

  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Chest pain
  • Oxygen levels below 90%
  • Dehydration (feeling weak after 2+ days of diarrhea and vomiting) NOTE: dehydration significantly hinders your body’s ability to fight COVID,
please act quickly and go immediately to a hospital emergency department.
The above-noted symptoms are beyond our scope of services.
Membership Based

Access to our services requires a $100 deposit. This deposit goes towards two purposes:

  1.  $50 covers the cost of your lifetime membership. Membership fees help fund the systems/technology needed to provide coordinated services across Canada.  To be a member, you must agree to all membership terms and responsibilities listed in the sign-up process.
  2. $50 goes towards the cost of your appointment. Once your appointment is complete, $50 will be deducted from the total appointment fee (reducing the balance billed to your credit card after the appointment).
Provinces Where We Provide Services

We service all the major provinces, but services are not available in small provinces where we do not yet have licensed practitioners.  This will improve as we increase capacity.

  • No service is currently available in the following provinces: PE, NL, YT, NT, NU, MB.
  • Wait times for services in the following provinces are longer than normal: AB, NS, NB.
An Essential Prevention Service

Prevention and Early treatment are essential for minimizing COVID harm. It is highly recommended that everyone has treatment medications and a plan readily available for use at the onset of symptoms. Research shows treatment within the first 3 days of symptoms virtually eliminates the probability of hospitalization and death from COVID. Our treatments are safe, effective, and legal.

Use our “Prevention” services to get the treatment prescriptions you need to minimize your risk of acquiring and being harmed by COVID.

Services and Fees

CCTH currently provides three different services. If our capacity to deliver one of these services is diminished, it will not be seen as an available option until the service is available. Check back later to register once our capacity increases.
The three appointment types are:

1) Preventative Consultation (prophylaxis and/or “have on hand”) – $149

2) Early COVID-19 Treatment (less than 5 days since disease onset) – $299

3) Complex COVID-19 Treatment – your COVID-19 infection is advanced beyond 5 days – $399

When you make one of these service choices it is used to estimate the time needed for your health care appointment. Your treatment plan may need to change based on your discussion with our health providers and identification of actual health challenges. 
Our billing will be based on the services you receive which may differ from the service you initially requested.


Response Times

For Prevention:. The first step involves completing a medical intake form. You will then be connected by a CCTH team member. Depending on practitioner availability and demand, it could take anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks for an appointment to be scheduled. 

For Early or Complex COVID:  We utilize a prioritized process for patients who are sick now, but cannot guarantee prompt response times due to capacity and demand varying over time. 

For early and complex covid treatment we typically respond within 2 days. 

If your required services are not available, we recommend you read the treatment guidelines document listed below to assist you in finding alternative services. Our COVID-19 Treatment  page provides protection practices you can do without prescriptions to address COVID challenges.



Medications will be supplied by one of our trusted pharmacies who will ship by courier to your home if treatments are needed immediately; these costs are paid directly by the patient to the pharmacies and are not included in our clinic consultation fees.

General Guidelines
Check out “COVID-19 Treatment for guiding your treatment of COVID-19

Services Not Provided

  • Children 17 & Under: We do not recommend prevention treatment services for children unless they have co-morbidities (EG: Diabetes, Obesity etc). Healthy children are generally at close-to-zero risk for harm from COVID. Their immune system is still being formed, and with such a low risk it is a good thing for their immune system to develop by fighting the COVID infection. For more information on home treatment for your family go HERE.
  • Presently, we do not offer treatment for vaccine injury or long covid. We also do not provide medical exemptions, nor do we provide general medical services. 
  • Ivermectin in British Columbia and Alberta: The Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons of AB and BC have restricted practitioners from prescribing Ivermectin for COVID Treatment. There are many scientists who believe that the science is pro Ivermectin.
If Ivermectin Is Not Available
Where ivermectin is prohibited, there are good alternative strategies for treatment. lack of Ivermectin availability is not a roadblock to effective prevention.
EXAMPLE OF AN ALTERNATE TO IVERMECTIN – FLCCC Guidelines showing an Ivermectin Alternative (Nitazoxanide)

Sign-Up Conditions

While we do our best to schedule appointments ASAP, please take notice that registering online for our service does not constitute a guarantee that an individual can be seen as a patient. Should we be unable to identify within 2 weeks a practitioner with whom we can schedule you for an appointment, we will refund your payment in full.  

Treatment practices are unique to the patient and their health practitioner. While we do a lot to ensure effective learning takes place between our health practitioners & ensure world leading practices are understood by all, each health practitioner makes treatment judgement calls based on their experience and the health conditions of the patient being treated. This means every patient received a custom services based on the knowledge shared between them and their health provider. We do not mandate treatment protocols that must be followed by a health practitioner.

Read the above guidelines before signing up


By clicking below you are agreeing to the conditions outlined on this page. It will take you to our sign-up process. for a member-based, fee-for-service TeleHealth clinic, where credit card payment of $100 is required to proceed.

Requesting Sign-up Assistance

If you have difficulty processing our medical questionnaire, click the button below to get assistance. for sign-up problems.

Service Requested

Prevention (To take weekly or have on hand)


Early Treatment
(You have COVID-19 less than 5 days since onset)
Complex Treatment
(You have COVID-19 for 6 days or more)


For CAERS members who have provided approval for CAERS to share their member information with CCTH.

(Permission provided through a form provided by CAERS)