OPTION ONE: Pay As you Go: $399 + $50 CCTH Lifetime Membership Fee (Designed for patients on a restricted Budget)

This is a one step at a time plan. Each session finishes with a follow-up activity to discuss the next step and a choice by patient for what to do next.

Treatment Price Includes the Following Appointments: One 1-hour appointment with a Health Care Pracititioner (HCP), with prescriptions as deemed appropriate and one follow-up appointment with a Registered Nurse (RN) to document progress and select next step/. During these treatment sessions the following is accomplished.

Health Assessment
  • Completion of assessment forms by patient to provide background information to the HCP.
  •  A review of the assessment forms by the HCP to develop an appropriate plan of action for patient Vaccine Injury treatment;
  • Identification of critical care that may be urgently needed, along with a referral for treatment, if necessary
  • One 1-hour appointment/assessment visit with HCP
  • A multi-week, phase ne treatment set of prescriptions will be provided (generally for up to 2-3 months)
“Registered Nurse Support Activities
  • One 30-minute follow-up appointment with a Registered Nurse to monitor progress
  • RNs provide feedback, support and answers to health questions to support the patient’s healing process.
  • Scheduling of timing for the next step with HCP.

Financial Details
  • Initial payment of $100. to schedule appointment ($50 membership + $50 deposit towards the balance of the appointment fee)
  • Balance due after the first appointment
Treatment Choices
  • Patient has choice to continue with “pay as you go” and choose next appointment or to choose the “OPTION TWO” Package (Switch from $399 to $799 package) with a total of 2 more HCP visits and 2-3 nurse follow-up visits.