OPTION ONE: Pay As you Go: $399 + $50 CCTH Lifetime Membership Fee (Designed for patients on a restricted Budget)

This is a one step at a time plan. Each session finishes with a follow-up activity to discuss the next step and a choice by patient for what to do next.

Treatment Price Includes the Following Appointments: One 1-hour appointment with a Health Care Pracititioner (HCP), with prescriptions as deemed appropriate and one follow-up appointment with a Registered Nurse (RN) to document progress and select next step/. During these treatment sessions the following is accomplished.

Health Assessment
  • Completion of assessment forms by patient to provide background information to the HCP.
  •  A review of the assessment forms by the HCP to develop an appropriate plan of action for patient Vaccine Injury treatment;
  • Identification of critical care that may be urgently needed, along with a referral for treatment, if necessary
  • One 1-hour appointment/assessment visit with HCP
  • A multi-week, phase ne treatment set of prescriptions will be provided (generally for up to 2-3 months)
“Registered Nurse Support Activities
  • One 30-minute follow-up appointment with a Registered Nurse to monitor progress
  • RNs provide feedback, support and answers to health questions to support the patient’s healing process.
  • Scheduling of timing for the next step with HCP.

Financial Details
  • Initial payment of $100. to schedule appointment ($50 membership + $50 deposit towards the balance of the appointment fee)
  • Balance due after the first appointment
Treatment Choices
  • Patient has choice to continue with “pay as you go” and choose next appointment or to choose the “OPTION TWO” Package (Switch from $399 to $799 package) with a total of 2 more HCP visits and 2-3 nurse follow-up visits.

Why Join Our Team?

Stay on the leading edge of discovery, compassion and courage with a team
that diligently develops solutions for emerging health challenges.

At CC TeleHealth you can work part time or full time. Try just filling in an afternoon or morning to deliver life changing services to Canadians who can’t find health solutions to critical difficulties arising from the global health crisis.
Enjoy being part of a highly collaboratiive work environment where your medical skills will be challenged and expanded.
Experience opportunities to build relationships throughout the world with other medical experts.

Mental Health Services

CC TeleHealth Mental Health services are focused on recovery and community support for individuals suffering from global health crisis stress.

The global health crisis has created a very unique stress inducing environment, especially if you have lost faith in the authorities that are supposed to be protecting you.  At CC TeleHealth, we understand and are especially equipped to help people cope more effectively.

Individual Counselling
Through counselling, the process is focused on short-term goal attainment, and clients can identify, explore and obtain the tools required to optimize mental, emotional and behavioral well-being and improve functioning.

Group Peer Support
Through group support and discussion, the process is focused on identifying and understanding the current environment, and identifying, exploring and obtaining the tools required to improve mental, emotional and behavioral well-being and optimize functioning.

  • Week One – Introduction
  • Week Two – Managing Sanity
  • Week Three – Managing Loss
  • Week Four – Managing Hope

COVID-19 Available Health Services

Enclosed are your options for treating a COVID-19 infection. There are many things you can do on your own to reduce risk. The home treatment instructions will also help you protect yourself. 
The best protection involves access to medications that can be used both for prevention and treatment. Support through medications requires an appointment with a Health Care Practitioner (HCP). Treatment options are listed below.  Please note:  A $100 deposit is required to schedule your first appointment.

COVID-19 Prevention Sign Up

For prevention support click on the following link to request your telephone-based treatment appointment.

COVID-19 Treatment Sign Up

CC TeleHealth offers a variety of treatment options
that vary in cost based on complexity
of treatment requirements.

COVID-19 Home Care Education and Guidelines

The COVID-19 Home Care page offers a variety of helpful home care alternatives to help yourself heal.